Question Answer
How many years has the term "dinosaur" been around? 170 years
What evidence do we have that dinosaurs probably roamed the earth with humans? 1. Ancient artwork 2. Unfossilized tissue found in dinosaur bones
What is a paleontologist? A scientist who studies fossils.
Once a fossil is identified as coming from a reptile, what causes paleontologists to call it a dinosaur fossil? The way it walked.
All dinosaurs fit into two groups. What are they? 1. Ornithischian = bird hipped 2. Saurischia = lizard-hipped KNOW HOW TO SPELL SCIENTIFIC NAMES AND KNOW IF IT WAS BIRD OR LIZARD-HIPPED.
"saur" or "saurus" means what in Greek? Lizard
What are gastroliths? Small stones swallowed by animals to help them digest their food.
What are 3 reasons dinosaurs may have become extinct? The ice age may have limited their food supply, changes in the climate as a result of the Flood, and hunted to extinction.
The Brontosaurus is a real dinosaur. T or F False
Lizard-hipped dinosaurs are divided into two groups. What are they? 1. Sauropods=lizard-footed (they walked on all fours) 2. Theropod=beast-footed (they walked on two legs. KNOW ALL THIS INFORMATION.
Ornithischia or bird-hipped dinosaurs are related to birds. T or F False. Despite their name, paleontologists don't think they are related to birds. (It is the theropods they think may be related to birds.)