Question Answer
He imagined atoms as tiny soiled balls. Dalton
He suggested that an atom is a positively charged sphere. Thomson
The atom is mostly empty space with electrons orbiting it. Rutherford
A cloud like model with electron orbiting the nucleus. Modern
The electrons move in lays or rows. Bohr
He discovered the neutron. Chadwick
He believed that different elements have different mass. Dalton
He said electrons give off energy when move from shell to shell. Bohr
all atoms of an element are alike. Thomson
He said electrons orbit randomly and the nucleus is positively charge. Rutherford
what is not part of the atom. A:protons B: neutron C: molecules D: electrons
A ____ is a positively charged particule. Proton
What is the central core of an atom. nucleus
A ___ carries a negatively charged particle. electron
The mass of an atom comes from the? nucles
The particle of an atom the has no electrical charge. neutron
What particle takes up the volume of a atom. electron
Quakers are the particles inside protons and neutrons. True
The word atom comes from the greek word uncuttable. True
An unknown fore holdes the quakers together. False