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Question Answer List 3 characteristics of reptiles. Molt, ectothermic,have scales Which animal has millions of setae on its toes? Gecko Which animal has a u-shaped snout? alligator or caiman When the mouth is closed on this animal you can see their teeth crocodile or gavial this group on animals do not have eyelids. snakes Which […]

All Animal Science Vocabulary

Question Answer Nutrition The study of the food needs of the body Adipose stored fat tissue Beef Tallow Solid Fat made by rendering fat from cattle Palatability Degree of readiness for an animal to consume Nutrient ny food component the body requires to support life; includes water, carbohydrates, protein, fat, minerals and vitamins Mouth Teeth […]


Question Answer photosynthesis the food making in plant leaves which uses sunlight chloroplast a part of a green plant were photosynthesis goes on chorophyll the chemical in chloroplast that is needed for photosynthesis photosynthesis the food making in plant leaves which uses sunlight chloroplast a part of a green plant were photosynthesis goes on chorophyll […]

Functions of the Major Divisions of the Brain

Question Answer Cerebrum -conscious thought -memory -motor: skeletal muscle Diencephalon -thalamus & hypothalamus -centers for sensory, autonomic, emotions, hormones Mesencephalon -reflexive somatic motor -consciousness Pons -relays sensory info to cerebellum & thalamus -subconscious somatic & visceral motor controls Cerebellum -complex motor -output to brain & spinal cord Medulla Oblongata -relays sensory info to thalamus & […]


Question Answer How man species of plants have been identified? Over 310,000 What are 2 types of vascular plant tissues? Xylem and Phloem Where does water enter the plant through? Roots The flow of energy through animals by a system is called a…? Food Chain What breaks down the remains of dead plants/animals? Decomposers How […]


Question Answer are particles suspended in the water temporarily suspension solvent and solute make up a solution fresh water and salt water combine brackish the elastic-like force in a body of water suface tension how easy you float buoyancy the area where a river or a bay empties into the ocean estuary the fancy name […]


Question Answer A, An Without Ab away from Ad toward, near ambi, amphi, ampho both Ana toward, apart Ante before Anti against Apo separation from Auto self Bi, Di two cata down under, lower circum, peri around co, com, con w/ , together contra opposed, against de reverse, remove Dia btwn, through, apart, across Dis […]

Lecture Unit 2

Question Answer Arteries Transport blood away from the heart. Carry O2 rich blood in the systemic circuit. Carry O2 poor blood in the pulmonary circuit & umbilical arteries. Anastomosis Union of 2 blood vessels. Ex. The 2 vertebral arteries fuse into the basilar artery. Capillaries Location of gas and nutrient exchange between vessels & tissues. […]

Land and Water

Question Answer condensation the process by which a gas changes into a liquid; water vapor becomes liquid water precipitation any form of water that falls from clouds such as rain, snow, sleet, or hail evaporation the process by which a liquid changes into a gas; liquid water turns into water vapor water cycle cycle in […]

Determination of muscle action

Question Answer Methods for determination of muscle action Anatomical lines of pull Anatomical dissection Palpation Models EMG E-Stim Palpation using sense of touch to examine muscle when contracted Superficial muscles ONLY Understanding joing mechanics EMG detects AP from muscles and provides readout of contraction intensity and duration Most accurate way of detecting presence and extent […]