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Science abbreviations

Question Answer Abbreviation for grams g Abbreviation for meters m Abbreviation for liter L Abbreviation for Degrees ° Abbreviation for Newtons N Abbreviation for seconds s Abbreviation for meters/second m/s Abbreviation for meters/second/second m/s/s

checking paint info

Question Answer What is the thing that roads are made from? Asphalt What is the material used to be put into roofs and can cause cancer? Asbestos What type of brick is used to allow ventilation into a building? Airbrick

Part two vocabulary words

Question Answer a solid that forms from solution during a chemical reaction precipitate a reaction that absorbs energy in the form of heat (takes energy IN) endothermic reaction a reaction that releases energy in the form of heat (lets energy OUT) exothermic reaction a characteristic of a substance that can be observed without changing it […]

Intro Unit 1 Objectives

Question Answer Discuss essential aspects of the practical nursing role Control noise and odor, provide safe environment, prevent fire amd burns List ways the nurse can help patient adapt to the patient roll Ask patient needs or concerns, accomidate wishes, discuss perevios illness and hospital stays Identify guidelines that will asses the nurse conveying values […]

Vocabulary List #3 6th grade

Question Answer Law of Conservation matter cannot be created or destroyed Renewable resource that can be replaces relatively quickly by natural process Nonrenewable A resource that cannot be remade quickly or cannot be remade at all Beaker cylindrical glass container with a pouring lip Graduated Cylinder a tool used to measure the volume of liquids […]

ecology study terms science vocab # 4

Question Answer niche role of an organism in its ecosystem food chain shows where each species gets its food energy pyramid diagram showing how much energy flow is in a food chain food web group of overlapping food chains in an ecosystem competition happens when species depend on a limited energy supply predator animals that […]

microscope parts

Question Answer Eyepiece A 10x magnifying lenses you look through. Body tube Connects the eyepiece to the revolving nosepiece. Arm Supports the body tube. Revolving nosepiece Holds and turns the objective into viewing position. Objective lens Contains the lens for greater magnification. Disc diaphragm Lets you regulate the amount of light that hits the stage. […]