GlobaLinks Learning Abroad Launches Expanded Global Career-Building Internship Program

Personal branding tools and new website promote development of global careers, personal brands and job prospects The international internship just got personal – personally branded, that is. GlobaLinks Learning Abroad has launched an expanded global internship program and its new so students and graduates can not only only intern abroad, but build a … Continue reading

Tailoring Your International Internship for the Best Possible Fit

GlobaLinks Learning Abroad is one of the leading international education organizations arranging internships abroad in all fields of study for U.S. and Canadian students. The company regularly places interns with businesses and entities in Australia, New Zealand, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Spain. Students who want to intern abroad through GlobaLinks Learning Abroad can choose between … Continue reading

Finding The Perfect Internship Abroad

By Stacey Hartmann GlobaLinks Learning Abroad It is certainly possible to arrange an international internship in most any field in most any region of the world, but if you are working on your own without a facilitating coordinator or program, be prepared to do a lot of legwork and get started well in advance. Some … Continue reading

Defining an “international internship?” It can get complicated.

By Stacey Hartmann GlobaLinks NewsWire Editor The term “internship” can be loosely defined as any short-term period of practical work experience during college. But go beyond that surface explanation and internships can be quite varied in how they are structured. In fact, an internship can be called other terms, depending on the field of study. … Continue reading

Why intern abroad? In a word: BENEFITS

By Stacey Hartmann GlobaLinks NewsWire Editor The benefits of internships – whether domestic or international – are real and tangible. Graduates with internships or other work experience in their fields have a competitive edge against those non-internship graduates pounding the pavement for the first jobs of their careers, according to research from NACE (National Association … Continue reading

International Internships: A World of Career Possibilities

By Stacey Hartmann GlobaLinks NewsWire Editor One Student’s Experience When Jen Williams reflects on her 2006 internship abroad in Australia at a wetlands conservation center, the 26-year-old from Lancaster, Pa., is certain the experience played a pivotal role in her decision to earn a master’s degree in social work and begin a career in public … Continue reading


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