Studying Abroad: Take Your Business Major to the Next Level

Alexandra Gordon, a business major, from the University of Virginia is currently studying abroad at Bond University in Australia. She shared his insights of studying abroad with a business major and how it’s better prepared her for diving into his career path after graduating.

What business projects have you worked on while studying abroad?

In my Entrepreneurship class I have completed a Feasibility Analysis Report on my new business venture, “One Touch Sun Screen Booths”. Attending various beaches, and suffering from severe sunburns, I have noticed the niche in the market for this service. It is a booth that customers walk into and are sprayed with sunscreen throughout their whole body to protect them from the Sun’s harmful UV rays.

What do you find is different between your business classes at your home university vs your abroad university?

I have enjoyed my business classes at Bond University very much, and I believe the professors are much more engaged, and make huge efforts to make sure the information is being absorbed by their students. Classes are very interactive, and great learning environments.


What’s been a highlight in your business classes?

When I completed my “One Touch Sunscreen Booth” analysis report, I felt a great feeling of accomplishment.

What do you want to do after college with your major?

I am majoring in Marketing with a minor in Nutrition and Food Sciences. After attending Bond, I have realized I have a personality of an Entrepreneur and would love to go through with the construction of my new business venture.


How do you think studying abroad has impacted your future career?

By having the opportunity to study abroad in both New Zealand and Australia, I feel I have an advantage in the job market when it comes to job searches. Through traveling on weekends and school breaks I have been exposed to so many people from different cultures.IMG_3632

What there a reason you were drawn to the university or program that you are participating in?

I was drawn to study at Bond University due to its location. I absolutely love the beach and surfing. In the mornings before classes I can easily ride my bike to the nearest beach and surf for a few hours before attending my classes that I actually want to leave the beach for.


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