Welcome to China!

By Grant Brown –  Grant is a GlobaLinks Learning Abroad 2013 Fall Correspondent who is studying abroad at Sichuan University, China. He is from DePauw University. 

Grant Brown

Grant Brown – Fall 2013 GlobaLinks Learning Abroad Correspondent

Today marks my second full week living in China, and thus far I’ve had a trip jam packed with new and exciting experiences. Beginning in Beijing, our GlobaLinks Learning Abroad study abroad group toured many of the traditional sights such as the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, Hou Hai Lake, and of course the Great Wall.

The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China

The scenery was even more beautiful than it was on my previous visit to Beijing in January. During our stay in Beijing we had the opportunity to learn kung fu from Master Liu, who studied alongside Jet Li and lives near the Drum Tower in Beijing (a building used to announce the time). He was extremely patient with us and overall was an excellent teacher (His son Weichao Liu is the 7 time Beijing kung fu champion). It was amazing to be able to train with someone so prestigious and knowledgeable. Following our brief stay in Beijing, we packed our bags and headed to Chengdu!

Learning kung fu from master liu

Learning kung fu from master liu

After living in Chengdu for over a week now, there are apparent differences between this city and other cities in China that I’ve been to. First of all, it rains here. A lot. However, with such a humid and rainy climate the scenery in Chengdu is breathtaking. Some of the magnificent scenery can even be seen on our own campus at Sichuan University.

Pagoda on the Sichuan University Campus

Pagoda on the Sichuan University Campus

Along with the change in Climate, there is an evident social difference between Chengdu and say Beijing or Shanghai. Comparatively, the citizens of Chengdu are much friendlier and live life at slower pace than some of the other larger cities I have visited. Another interesting characteristic of Chengdu, and the Sichuan province in which it is located, is their fantastic food, which is traditionally made with spices so strong your mouth can go numb. Chengdu is referred to by many Chinese people as “Food Heaven” and I’m loving every meal here – from the noodle restaurant near my dorm to the dumplings I get from the street vendor for my breakfast, but especially Hot Pot (火锅). Although, the first time I ate Hot Pot my mouth felt like it was on fire, I’ve never eaten anything so spicy! I’ve had an amazing time so far in Chengdu, and I look forward to sharing my experiences and new found knowledge with all of you!

GlobaLinks students enjoying tea at the Bamboo Park

GlobaLinks students enjoying tea at the Bamboo Park

5 Responses to “Welcome to China!”
  1. Emily Crile says:

    I enjoyed Hot Pot in Chengdu in 2005–it is a beautiful city! Blessings to you and your fellow students.

  2. Linda Bryan says:

    We look forward to more updates and pictures. Be safe.
    David & Linda

  3. Karen Brown says:


    It is wonderful to read about your adventures in China and to know that you are doing well and having fun. Love you!

    Aunt Karen

  4. Lauren says:

    i studied abroad at Sichuan University in 2010. Reading your blog is like a blast from the past. Enjoy every second! Chengdu is such a great city. Make Chinese friends and drink lots of nai cha (milk tea)!

  5. lowele says:

    I studied at Sichuan University in Spring 2010. Reading your blog brings back so many memories. Chengdu is such a great city!! Make Chinese friends, play mah jong, drink lots of nai cha (milk tea), and enjoy every second!

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