Inspiring Discovery: Alumni Ambassadors Ready to Energize Fellow Students

Alumni Ambassadors 2013-14 for GlobaLinks Learning Abroad

Students from 28 campuses across the U.S. are now getting out the word on discovery through studying and interning abroad after recently completing Alumni Ambassador training with GlobaLinks Learning Abroad staff in Denver.

“I feel really passionate about inspiring other students to study abroad because of how amazing my own experience was,” says Jessica Carlino, a student from Central Connecticut State University who studied abroad at the University of Newcastle in Australia. “I know what it is like to be nervous to start the whole planning process of going abroad, but I also know what it is like to have Globalinks to help you through it all. I want other students with the same apprehensions to know that such an organization exists that can help you have an incredible time abroad.”

Here is the 2013-2014 Alumni Ambassadors group:

- Chelsea Naylor - DePauw University – University of Waikato

- Kevin Varley - Iowa State University – Freie Universität Berlin

- Nikki Fabrizio – Pace University – University of Otago

- Catherine Haorei – Skidmore College – University of Melbourne

- Katlyn Billman - Temple University – Queen Mary University of London

- Elaina Wahl – Miami University – Oxford – University of Tasmania

- Bethany Lewis – Ohio State University – Macquarie University

- Christine (Meagan) Croner - Towson University – Victoria University of Wellington

- Tadhg Kavanagh - University of Tampa – Griffith University – Gold Coast

- Duncan Pfaehler - Clemson University – Massey University – Palmerston North

- Mary Catherine Wilder - Furman University – Victoria University of Wellington

- Kristen Casserilla - Middle Tennessee State University – American College of Thessaloniki

- Sean Wallach - University of South Carolina – Columbia – University of Canterbury

- Zoey Zemanek - Central Washington University – Sichuan University, China

- Mika Old - Texas Tech University – University of the South Pacific

- Sage Perry - Cal Poly – San Luis Obispo – Griffith University – Gold Coast

- Griffin Gilbert - University of Utah – University of Canterbury

- Kelsey Herron - University of Arizona – Griffith University – Gold Coast

- Danielle Borja - University of California – Irvine – Korea University

- Tess Roche - University of San Diego – Macquarie University

- Amy Baker - University of Massachusetts – Amherst – Griffith University – Gold Coast

- Perry Sandrock - University of Rhode Island – Bond University

- Jessica Carlino - Central Connecticut State University – University of Newcastle (Study Internship Combo)

- Erica Page - University of New England – University of Western Australia

- Melissa Zavislan - Colorado State University – University of Melbourne

- Laurie Lam - Minnesota State University – Mankato – University of Sydney

- Jordan Tybinko - University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee – 10 Week Internship in

New Zealand & ICMS

- Colin Bovet - University of Colorado – Boulder – Victoria University of Wellington

After a successful previous year, the Alumni Ambassador program has expanded for 2013-14, with double the number of students selected from more than 80 outstanding applications. Ambassadors, who commit to 10 hours a month of study abroad-related campus activities, received their training in July at the Colorado School of Mines in Golden, CO. In return, they receive airfare/transportation, accommodations and some meals for training; resume-building professional development; and an airfare voucher. One Ambassador is selected to assist GlobaLinks staff with the July 2014 Bridging Cultures program in New Zealand.

“I want other students to understand how amazing it is to travel to a different country and immerse yourself in a different culture,” Carlino says. “It’s an opportunity to meet exciting, new people and to create memories you’ll be talking about for years to come. The idea of living in a foreign country can sound intimidating to some but it is more than worth it.”

Jumping Shot 1GlobaLinks Learning Abroad has alumni all over the world, at many different universities, and working in a wide variety of careers. The Alumni Ambassador program is an offering of the company’s Alumni Association, which connects more than 28,000-and-counting alumni members so they can sustain their love of study abroad after returning home.

Learn more about each Ambassador here.

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