Australia: Top 5 Cities to See and Top Things to Do

By Kati Keenan –  Kati is a GlobaLinks Learning Abroad Alumna Ambassador who studied abroad at the University of Newcastle. 

Katie Keenan, GlobaLinks Learning Abroad Alumna Ambassador

Katie Keenan, GlobaLinks Learning Abroad Alumna Ambassador

When people choose to study abroad they want to go somewhere where they can visit tons of countries to check it off their bucket list. However, I believe that these 5 cities in Australia are so unique it will feel like you are in a different country when you travel to these different hot spots in the South Pacific.

  1. Sydney – It may not be the capital of Australia but it is definitely the capital of glamour. Sydney is home to both the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House: iconic landmarks to the rest of the world. Sydney is located on the central east coast of Australia. I visited Sydney a few times while I was in Newcastle due to its close proximity a train ride away. It was an awesome city! There are so many things to do in Sydney and it will keep you entertained for days! If I had to suggest one thing to do while visiting Sydney I would recommend climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Although it may be pricier than other things in Sydney, it is definitely a memory I will never forget! The views were amazing, I was able to see the entire city and the tour guide gave us some awesome history that pulled the whole city and its story together.katiSydney
  2. Melbourne – Melbourne was my last stop on my tour of Australia. When you do visit here make sure you pronounce it MEL-BIN and not MEL-BORN. Melbourne is the capital of shopping and sport in Australia, which is definitely evident when you visit. Melbourne is such a unique city and you will feel it the moment you step off of the plane. My favorite part about visiting this city was the Great Ocean Road. It is definitely worth a day trip to do. The views are great and the tours that the city has are amazing. Also be sure to check out the great shopping located all around the city!
  3. Cairns –The first stop on my travel to Australia with GlobaLinks and definitely one I won’t forget! Cairns, Australia is known as the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef and that’s exactly what you will come here for and never want to leave. I met some of my best friends on the snorkeling trip, on the Bridging Cultures program, with GlobaLinks. My all-time favorite activity of my entire trip was snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef and it is 100% worth the trip up to Cairns to do.katiCairns
  4. Gold Coast – This city is located right on some of the best beaches in Australia. I went here to visit one of my friends that I met on the Bridging Culture program and it was definitely a location I considered when trying to pick my University in Australia. If you go to visit the Gold Coast it is definitely worth a beach bum day. You can relax and walk the beaches or if you’re more intense learn how to surf and watch some of the best surfers in Australia! Definitely worth the trip. This city is also located close to Brisbane, Australia, just a short train ride away.
  5. Perth – As Western Australia’s only major city, this city has a mind of its own. I never got to see Perth which I am really sad about and when I go back it is definitely one of my top cities to go see. One thing I really wanted to do while I was in Australia was swim with sharks and this seemed to be one of the few cities that you could actually swim in open water with sharks. If I were to go back and visit swimming with sharks would be my choice of activity in Perth. To those of you who are not interested in coming within meters of a shark, I would recommend checking out all the art the city has to offer and the great music!
2 Responses to “Australia: Top 5 Cities to See and Top Things to Do”
  1. Makes me homesick when I see my hometown. A truly diverse place with a fantastic food and vibe. Thanks for sharing.

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