Semester Abroad Near the End? Tips from Alumna Molly!

By Molly Dupuis – Molly studied abroad with GlobaLinks Learning Abroad at Queensland University of Technology

Molley is a GlobaLinks Learning Abroad Alumna Ambassador.

Molly is a GlobaLinks Learning Abroad Alumna Ambassador.

It’s been almost two years now since I went to Australia, and I miss it more and more every day. For most of you abroad right now, your time is quickly coming to an end. So I wanted to share a few tips with you to make the most of your last few weeks, and to make your transition home a little easier:

– Have a group dinner: You’ve made so many new friends from all over the place. Plan a night to have a potluck-style dinner where everyone can bring their favorite dish from their home country, or their favorite from their time abroad. It’s an awesome way to recap and reminisce all of the amazing memories you’ve made.

Study Abroad Group Dinner

– Take pictures of people: You’ve taken a ton of photos of your beautiful surroundings and the places you’ve traveled to, but make sure to take pictures of the people you’ve met and the ones you want to stay in touch with. Having these will mean so much more to you later on.

Group Pic

– Make a list of your favorite memories: Going home is hard, especially when you have so many people and places that you’ll miss. Making a list of all of these things will be extremely valuable later on when your time abroad seems so far away.

– Buy some souvenirs from your city. You’ve probably bought a lot of fun stuff from the places you’ve traveled, but get a sweatshirt or mug from your university and from the city you’ve lived in. It’s a fun conversation starter back home.

– Do something you wouldn’t normally do at home: For me, this was skydiving and bungee jumping. But it doesn’t have to be that crazy. Do something to top off your trip that will end it on an awesome note. Surf, eat something crazy, go to a karaoke bar, hold a snake, or go SCUBA diving.

Yep that is me!

Yep that is me!

No matter what you do, soak it all in. Keep in touch with your international friends… you never know when you’ll be back, when you want to reminisce about the good ol’ days, or when you’ll need a couch to sleep on!

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