TBD (To Be Discovered) Studying Abroad in Spain: Arabic Baths of Sevilla

Arabic Baths of Sevilla

Bringing history and relaxation together, the Arabic Baths of Sevilla is a scheduled point of Discovery next month for participants in GlobaLinks Learning Abroad’s study abroad programs in Spain.

Interested students will join a Dec. 5, 2012, group Discovery outing to the Arabic Baths, a reconstruction of the ancient Arabic spa treatment enjoyed by the Caliphs in their palaces in Andalucia. The building is an old Roman palace turned relaxation center, where visitors enjoy floating through 3 different temperature pools (great for circulation), a massage pool, a salt pool, steam room, and relaxation lounge with tea and water.

Located in the heart of Santa Cruz atop an ancient Arab bathhouse and Roman ruins, the Arabic Baths display the Mudejar influence in Sevilla through the stuccoed and tiled walls, clay works, and dim lighting of authentic bronze lanterns.

Fittingly, the outing will mark the winding down of study abroad experiences in Spain for many of the students.

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