Scholarships Provide GlobaLinks Learning Abroad Students with Valuable Experiences Abroad

Kaitlyn Hanaway, who is currently studying abroad for a year at the University of Stirling in Scotland through GlobaLinks Learning Abroad’s EuroLearn program, is echoing the sentiments of more students these days who are relying on study abroad scholarships and financial aid to study abroad.

“The scholarship was really important for me because it was somewhat of a struggle to find a job here,” said Hanaway, who received a $1,000 award from the Foundation for Global Scholars, a 501C(3) non-profit organization founded by GlobaLinks Learning Abroad that provides thousands of dollars annually in scholarships to students who might otherwise be unable to afford an international experience.

The scholarship has helped Hanaway, the 21-year-old psychology major at Bloomsburg University, pay for program and housing fees.

“Because it has helped me with these important payments, I can worry a little less about affording the lifestyle as a student in the U.K.,” she says. “Studying abroad is an amazing experience and it is so much better when you are not weighted down with stress about your financial support.”

GlobaLinks Learning Abroad, a provider of international education programs across the globe, also provides scholarships and financial aid assistance. In fact, the organization annually awards $600,000 in scholarships to lessen financial burdens for students who want to make academic, professional, personal, cultural and social discoveries through study abroad.

“Challenging economic conditions globally are keeping some students from discovering the many benefits of study abroad, including personal growth, global workplace exposure and cultural adaptation skills,” said Cynthia Banks, founder and executive director of GlobaLinks Learning Abroad. “To counter this effect, GlobaLinks Learning Abroad is helping students tap into every possible resource for studying abroad, including scholarships, travel grants, financial aid transfers from home universities, payment plans and affordable high-quality program options.”

GlobaLinks Learning Abroad annually offers a wide variety of scholarship awards to enhance the affordability of semester, year and summer-abroad programs. It also offers financial aid counseling and budgeting advice for all of its programs to students, parents, advisors and study abroad offices.

“Many students mistakenly believe scholarship programs are only awarded to a small, select group of students,” Banks said. “Our scholarship and funding resources are actually much broader, which is why we strongly encourage all participants in our programs to explore available scholarship and funding options, as well as our many affordable, high-quality programs in Australia, Asia, New Zealand, Europe and the South Pacific.”

GlobaLinks Learning Abroad scholarship categories include:

Affiliate Student Awards – Students who attend U.S. or Canadian institutions affiliated with GlobaLinks Learning Abroad receive discounts on their semester abroad program fees and are eligible for affiliate student awards.

University-Sponsored Scholarships – These awards at 28 institutions in Europe, New Zealand and Australia are offered only to GlobaLinks Learning Abroad students by its partner universities.

Travel grants – In partnership with Qantas Airways, Air New Zealand and Air Pacific, selected participants are provided with awards equivalent to the international round-trip airfare to/from programs in Australia, New Zealand or Fiji.

Special Awards – These awards are targeted to certain populations or to support specific initiatives and additional resources through national organizations, home universities and academic departments. These scholarships include:

  •      Diversity Scholarship – Awards of $1,500 to eligible students of an ethnic minority.
  •      University of California and California State University Awards – $20,000 in scholarships for eligible students from any UC or CSU school.
  •      Gilman Scholarship Support – Students who earn a Gilman Scholarships will receive $500.

Foundation for Global Scholars Awards – Students who are from underrepresented populations in international education are a priority.

For more details about the above opportunities, as well as additional scholarship and study abroad funding resources, go to GlobaLinks Learning Abroad’s Scholarships page.

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