Three Questions For … Jessica Dorsey

Dorsey at the Open Air Museum in Arnhem, Netherlands.

Dorsey at the Open Air Museum in Arnhem, Netherlands.Members of Dorsey's Dutch soccer club, Odysseus '91, on their trip to Les Deux Alpes (France) for wintersport.

First Law EuroScholar From America Talks Of Problem-Solving, Multiculturalism And Speaking Dutch

May 7, 2009 – We just checked in with Jessica Dorsey, a law student from Topeka, Kan., and the first American law student to participate in the EuroScholars program, to ask her “Three Questions” about her experience abroad.

The 27-year-old student of Washburn University School of Law in Kansas completed the EuroScholars program in January at Utrecht University in the Netherlands. She is continuing to work on her LL.M. in Public International Law at Utrecht, which she expects to complete in January 2010.

In our “Three Questions” interview, Jessica talks about how host country is feeling more and more like home.

1: What was the biggest surprise in your time at Utrecht University and in the Netherlands?

“I knew before I came for this project from a previous six-week study abroad program that the Netherlands was a special place, but the biggest surprise for me was how quickly it became home for me and how quickly I decided I wanted to make it so permanent. I am still enjoying the nuances of life abroad but after nearly a year, it now feels more like home for me than anywhere else. It is my hope that after graduating next January, I can find a job somewhere in this country.”

2) What is the most important thing you’ve learned about yourself during your time abroad?

“I’ve really developed my sense of being able to adapt to new situations, people, and experiences. My time here has given me a perspective on problem solving that, for example, if the way I was used to doing something doesn’t work, I just need to keep tweaking the process until I’m able to find something that does. The experience here has also allowed me to develop a deeper appreciation for multiculturalism and international cooperation in all facets of life.”

3) What is the most endearing aspect of life in the Netherlands?

“English is fluently spoken (intimidatingly enough) by almost every Dutch person I’ve ever encountered. I have found, though, that despite the fact that Dutch is an extremely difficult language to learn, if you put in the time and effort to try, people are even more friendly, open, and accepting than they normally are (which is saying a lot for the tolerant and helpful Dutch!).”

Thanks, Jessica, for participating in “Three Questions For…”

Members of Dorsey's Dutch soccer club, Odysseus '91, on their trip to Les Deux Alpes (France) for wintersport.

Members of Dorsey's Dutch soccer club, Odysseus '91, on their trip to Les Deux Alpes (France) for wintersport.

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  1. Great Wintersport Photo! It’s good to read that the Dutch are liked ;)

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