Utrecht University blog highlights first EuroLearn student

Jessica Dorsey, a Washburn University School of Law in Kansas, is highlighted in a recent blog post and campus publication by Utrecht University in the Netherlands, where she recently completed a six-month research program as the university’s first Euro Scholar.

The post talks about Dorsey’s participation inthe International Child Maintainment Project and her study of European legislation on child support after divorce.

Dorsey, who studied under Professor Ian Curry-Sumner of the Law Faculty, decided after her research program to stay in Utrecht where she enjoys bicycling past the busy outdoor cafes along the canal.

To read more:


To learn more about the Euro Scholars program, visit EuroLearn’s web site:


3 Responses to “Utrecht University blog highlights first EuroLearn student”
  1. John Dorsey says:

    Jessica is my daughter. We are very proud of her. We are glad to see others taken note of her and her contributions and accomplishments.

    • admin says:

      Great to hear from you, John. I’m sure you are so proud of your daughter. It’s been great to learn about her interesting academic and career path and her time in the Netherlands. I’ll soon be posting her answers to our “Three Questions for…” feature. Stay tuned! – Stacey

  2. Sydney says:

    Congratulations John. Very inspiting for others.

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